Team Coaching

Team coaching takes place at your Organization. We’ll help you prepare your employees for restructuring, internal changes and rolling out new programs.

Benefits of Team Coaching:

  • Scalable nature of the process

  • The ability to open up communication between group members in different parts of the organizations

  • Relationships develop to create a valuable network across your organization

  • Group coaching can be positioned as a training follow up

  • Supports your team with the transfer and application of their learning, creating an on-going accountability structure.

These teams may be limited to 8-10 participants, in order to effectively build strong relationships while maintaining the coaching dynamic.

MBSR Series 8-weeks

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

This group-based program taught over eight weeks allows you to understand Mindfulness on a deeper level. Training that is thorough and engaging in a consistent, step by step process. This setting is very effective in helping us to change habits that are bringing disharmony to our lives. The group is limited to 6-8 individuals participating.

Employee Wellness Events

These events provide a more personalized approach to your employee health and wellness initiatives. My model provides opportunities to drill down more specific employee health concerns.

A holistic program looks to focus on the root of the stress and offers tools to help your staff address those areas for improved self-care.

Consider hosting events that address the cause of the stress, not just the resulting stress symptoms.

The events may include:

  • Conduct a "lunch and learn" on tips for well-being and stress management in the workplace

  • Provide mindful meditation on a specific day of each month

  • Offer a Employee Appreciation Day, with mini-reiki sessions (15-minutes) scheduled on site