Group Meditation

Group meditation reinforces your desire to make it a regular practice. Joining a group can make you more committed to your practice. Feel connected to like minded people. This practice feels deeper, tapping into a profound silence than we can achieve on our own. Beginners are encouraged to attend group meditations in order to gain confidence when practicing alone at home.

Group Coaching

This process brings the coaching conversation into a small group context. An intimate conversation space, focused on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action, and accountability. Recipients benefit from the peer learning with others, the collective wisdom. Clients feel that they are not on the spot, giving them more time to reflect and integrate their insights.

 A maximum of 15 participants will be accepted per group coaching session.

Healing Circle

Reiki circles are a way for practitioners to practice on one another and the community, to hone their skills and receive healing themselves.

These circles help those who suffer from chronic illnesses or are in recovery from trauma or injury. They can also be conducted to send healing energy long distance, to a philanthropic cause or current social issue anywhere in the World.

Soft music is played and a grounding and centering meditation is led by Coach Beatriz.